Williamson County: Red, White And Blue Ribbon Fair

Who knew that Williamson County had its own fair every year? This is the third year for the Williamson County Fair, and the fun has already begun. August 2 – August 9, the fair boasts just about everything you could expect from a county fair. Concerts, pageants, rooster crowing contests, a mule pull, yodeling competitions, a BBQ cook-off, fireworks, a pig race, rides, and of course greasy foods that can only be found at the fair. Tickets are $6 with an additional charge for rides, but you can snag a $25 pass for unlimited rides after 5pm every weeknight.

Has anyone been to the Williamson County Fair, either this year or in the past few years? Let us know how it is in the comments… We still have time to go!

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