Bright & Early: We Hear The Train A-Comin’ Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We all remember the Music City Star commuter train’s July 4th fiasco that left hundreds of passengers angry stranded at the stations. After doing what they could to smooth things over, they’re finally giving it another go and offering service to and from the Wilson County Fair. They say they’ve made enough changes to the event train service that the mistake shouldn’t happen again, but some passengers are still skeptical. But at $20 for a round-trip ticket, shuttle service, fair admission and a free drink, we’re thinking it might be worth a try.

  • Don’t let the bedbugs bite. Area exterminators are saying that bedbugs are “making a comeback” in Nashville. We’re totally weirded out by the part of the article that says we’re supposed to check our sheets for bedbug poop, but that heavy infestations smell like fresh raspberries. What?
  • Going greener. Al Gore has a new boat that’s being touted as “the Toyota Prius of boats” and is scheduled to have some solar panels installed today. Apparently you only have to fuel up once a year, which sounds good to us. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for the hot air balloon that’ll inevitably be lurking nearby.
  • Bits & pieces. A glitch in Metro’s computer system kicked some preschoolers out of the classes they’d enrolled in … Like something out of Prison Break, a Nashville inmate who escaped from jail through a tunnel behind the toilet was picked up by police in Arizona … Animal Control raided a Davidson County man’s home containing 200-300 cats and dogs, most of whom had to be put down … Nashville Rescue Mission is working hard to help the homeless beat the heat.

Photo by adactio.

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