Toast Of Music City Tastes A Little Burned

Predictably, Nashvillians are a bit defensive of their favorite places to eat. When we posted AOL’s City’s Best list last week, the feedback suggested two things; First, that we should all try to convince the tourists that the “local slang” for the Pancake Pantry is “PanPan,” and second, that no list of bests will ever please everyone. 

The Tennessean has totaled the votes in their own version of City’s Best, The Toast of Music City. Shame on Nashvillians for voting three national chains into the top 3 Italian spots, and double shame for Olive Garden actually being one of them. There’s a lot of the same boring chains scoring top spots (Baskin Robbins & Maggie Moos for best ice cream?) with no mention of some of the best local spots – Pied Piper Creamery, anyone? In this sense, AOL actually did a better job at uncovering some of our local gems. The Toast of Music City is good for a hearty laugh, though. Our favorites are:

Shoney’s – 3rd Best Breakfast & 2nd Best Meal Deal
Golden Corral – 2nd Best Buffet
Loose Leaf Tea Bar – 2nd Best Bar
PF Chang’s – 1st Best Chinese & 2nd Best Asian

We promise never to do this again, but we’ve just got to say it: LOL.