Gems From The Nashville Craigslist: Reform School

If dating a married ex-con is on your to-do list, we’ve got you covered. Why browse Craigslist when Nashvillest does it for you?

You pick my nose and I’ll pick yours… ohh wait thats not it.. – 35 (Nashville)

Ok, Well if your looking for walks along the beach during a great sunset move along. If your looking for that man that drinks wine and listens to Mozart move along, if your looking for some dumb flowers well you got it by now…..move along

I am not here to lie or sell myself to you like the other cornballs here I am bluntly honest. To start off I am not the best speller thats why I have to have a job with my name on my shirt. Ok that was a lie, I just wanted to prove I am a man.

I am not lonely nor am I needing a mommy to cook, clean for me. But if you think cooking cleaning and whoopie are cities in China than ya know the deal,, move along…

I am married thats why I havent posted my picture here along with its against my probation rules. I am on house arrest so I am looking for a woman that can come over when my wife is at work. I live on the first floor of an apartment complex so just incase my wife does come home you can climb out my bedroom window, which leads me to body requirements. If you cant climb out a window than most likely I wont want you in my bedroom in the first place.

I should have my ankle monitoring device off within 2 weeks so who knows after that we might be able to go out on a real date or something, as I said forget the walk along the beach. I am more into sitting on a curb and watching cars go by type of guy. If we do that it cant be close to where my wife works cause she does drive around Nashville.

Hey we all arent perfect but hopefully some of us have a sense of humor along with an arrest record, if you are a convicted felon than thats a plus in my book, and who knows maybe than we will have something to talk about ya know jail roomate stories etc.
Whats your take on this?

Our take on this is simple: run for the hills.

Photo by Sam Judson.

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