Gems From The Nashville Craigslist: Great First Dates

Craigslist has been a little sparse of idiots the past few weeks, so we were surprised (and appropriately skeptical) that four classy personal ads appeared this morning. Upon further inspection, it does appear that the same person had a hand in at least two, if not all of them. Good thing that it doesn’t make them any less funny.

Who wants to attend the Hog Fest on my 4HP mini bike this weekend?

OK the Hog Fest is coming up this weekend, YES its this weekend already! I am so excited. I have detailed out my mini bike and just put me a new bell on the handlebars. Let me tell ya she is looking really sharp! I know its not a Harley but hey different is good plus its not really that fast so you will be safe with me. The problem is I only have one helmet which we can share on the way if you dont mind it has an adjustable chin strap so It will fit unless you have a head as big as Rosie Odonell.
I am not really attractive and I have a few bad habits that tend to make people feel un easy around me, but hey whos perfect. If color is an issue of my mini bike let me know I can run down to the dollar general store and pick up a can of your color choice.
Hey shoot me an email if you also have a mini bike I would love to hear from you.

We told you it was classy. And here, on the opposite side of the spectrum, we bring you a post from someone who is looking for the person that they already went out with.

Has anyone seen my big boy pants? – 35 (Nashville)

OK, I cant remember who you are. We went out on a date last night to McDonalds you had a salad with chicken nuts and I shared since I forgot my wallet. After that we went to Mapco to get a hot dog and a slurpee shared of course cause I couldnt find my wallet, it was just really an excuse to see if you would come into my apartment to look for my wallet.
We drove to the dam at Preist and talked for hours all of a sudden I felt the hershey squirts coming on so I made a run out of your car for the woods.
Well to make a long story short when I got home this morning I didnt have my big boy pants and wonder if this is you who went out with me last night?
Have you seen my Big Boy Pants?

Think their date will be responding?

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