Life In Nashville: We’re An “Oasis,” Y’all

Chin up, Nashvillians. Despite being America’s 6th fattest city, having the nation’s 2nd highest incarceration rate AND being Tennessee’s 2nd sweatiest city, we do have some things going for us. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s recent decision to stay in Nashville for their birth of their daughter has drawn us into the nation’s spotlight, and our relaxed atmosphere and laid-back style of living doesn’t escape the media. Yahoo! Entertainment is speculating on our city and our celebrities, with nothing but good to say.

“I definitely think it’s easier to live as a celebrity in Nashville,” said Maureen O’Connor, a publicist with Los Angeles-based Rogers & Cowan. “Most of America is an easier place to live as a celebrity. Nashville has the advantage of also being a place that you can do entertainment industry business quite efficiently.”

Writer John Gerome also recognizes what has been a major thorn in many Nashvillians’ sides over the years – The common perception that Nashville is all honkytonkin’ and twangin’ and line dancin’.

It’s ironic that Nashville, the city that Robert Altman poked fun at with his ’70s film “Nashville” and that spawned the cornpone TV series “Hee Haw,” is being celebrated as laid-back and hip — but perhaps that’s what it’s come to.

So whether you love the “hee haw” of Nashville or hate it, you can rest assured that the city we love is starting to gain some street cred.

Thanks to Allison M. for the tip!

Photo by hwnna.