Bright & Early: Painted Side Up Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Over the weekend, singer Bobby Brown had a rough time of it while he was filming his new CMT reality show Outsider’s Inn in East Tennessee. Brown was involved in a minor car crash on Saturday and luckily made it out unscathed. We hadn’t heard about the show before, but apparently Brown is helping Marcia Brady take over the East Tennessee bed & breakfast Christopher Place. We’re not sure we needed a Gone Country reunion, but we’re glad Bobby’s okay.

  • Birds! Middle Tennesseans are facing an invasion of Chimney Swifts, which are small birds that live in your chimney and make a whole lot of noise. WTVF describes them as “fast and sneaky” and “feathery intruders,” but don’t make the mistake of killing them–destroying a nest, an egg, or a bird could set you back $10K in fines.
  • Hug a Metro. While Spain was off winning the 2008 European Championship yesterday, our own soccer team couldn’t seem to pull together a win for us. The Nashville Metros, who are now 2-10, lost to the Cary Railhawks twice this weekend and set a new franchise record for the number of shutouts in a season–currently at 7.
  • Bits & pieces. Some radioactive waste could be rolling through sometime this year via the interstate … Church of Scientology moves from Music Row to $6M building on 8th Ave. … Happy late anniversary to two of our favorite Nashville celebs, Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman … Southern Baptist Convention is the first to book the new Music City Center for its annual meetings in 2013 and 2019.

Photo by Dinur.

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