Tall Tales: Tim Ross And The Toothed Zipper

Tim Ross, Channel 4 weatherman extraordinaire, is becoming sort of a staple around here at the Nashvillest HQ for his loud tie collection and over-the-top enthusiasm about, well, the weather. A few days ago, we made another big discovery: Tim has a blog. And on his blog, Tim writes poetry. So as you’re just waking up and tuning into Tim’s morning forecast over at WSMV, we’d also like to direct you to his other work:

Mr. Snipper Zipper

I’m afraid to wear my pants.
I’m scared what’s underneath.
‘Cause Mama says my zipper
Has tiny little teeth!

* Based upon my very own childhood memories
Original Poetry by Tim Ross / Copyright 2008 www.timross.com

Tim’s pretty much a renaissance man: He authors kids’ books, paints pictures, fields a lot of redundant questions from kids about his job, and fills out weird internet surveys on his website. In other words, Tim is our hero.