Happy Hour: Chug It Edition

  • Good news, y’all: We can drink the water. Metro Water Services released a report saying that Nashville’s tap water is completely up to par with EPA water safety standards. [City Paper]
  • At least four of the seven bus routes that were going to be cut on July 1st may be safe after all. The city is looking at taking money from a few departments including the Arts Commission and the Adventure Science Center to give MTA an extra $1M to continue the routes. Bus ridership rate is the highest in 30 years in Nashville. [WSMV]
  • Tennessee Sen. Fred Hobbs sent out a letter today apologizing for last week’s comment that Barack Obama kind of maybe might be a terrorist for all he knew. [City Paper]
  • For the first time since Miley’s cringe-inducing Vanity Fair photo shoot, Stage Dad Of The Year Billy Ray spoke publicly about it on NBC’s “Today” show, still claiming he had no idea that they were going to “strip her down and wrap her in a blanket.” But, he said, “Stuff happens.” [WSMV]

Photo by emdoylethemick.

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