Don’t Forget: It’s Raining McCain

Don’t forgot presidential candidate John McCain’s Town Hall Meeting today at 12:30pm. It’s at the Ryman Auditorium, and it’s open to the public. We’ll be there, trying to figure out how to liveblog without breaking any rules. Stay tuned.

Tonight: If you’ve got $25,000 in extra cash just sitting there burning holes in your pockets, McCain is also holding a Roundtable & Reception at the home of our very own Mike Curb. You can actually get in for a mere $1,000, but who wants to be the cheapskate at the “Main Reception” when $10k will gain you admission to the “Victory Dinner”? Not us. (Actually, this is one event we’re going to have to sit out. Blogging isn’t quite that lucrative.)

[Editor's Note: The political content within this article, including the video, is brought to you in an informative and humorous nature, and is not indicative of the political leanings of Nashvillest.]

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