Not Cool: Fake NES Workers Will Scam You

A couple of shady attempted scams in recent weeks have spurred Nashville Electric Service to warn its customers that those NES workers knocking at your door may not be who they say they are. In one incident, several men posing as workers showed up at a customer’s home to trim the trees around the power lines, but asked to see the fusebox inside the house and proceeded to tear apart the bedroom. NES says that workers cutting away trees should never need to enter the home, and that they rarely work on Saturdays (the day of the reported intrusion).

The second scam involves individuals calling customers and informing them that their bills are overdue. The caller then requests a credit card number to pay the balance. NES reminds you to never give your credit card information over the phone and advises that you hang up immediately if you receive such a call.

That said, if NES ever pays you an unexpected visit, you may want to verify it by calling (615) 736-6900.

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