Bright & Early: Rocky Road Edition

Good morning, Nashville. If you’ve tried calling 911 in the past couple of months, you may be familiar with their hold music (we can actually tell you with certainty that they have none.) Or maybe you were the one who called them up and gave a panicked rundown of your emergency and received that “I don’t give a s—” response that we’ve all read about so much and seen on the news. Either way, Metro is finally doing something about it. The dispatch center, which was under an interim director, has now been taken over by a Metro Police lieutenant who promises to fix it for us. We sure hope so.

  • The buck stops here. Starting today, Tennessee state lawmakers are working for free. Turns out they only have 90 days to wrap up their work before their paychecks are cut off. We have a hard time believing there’s only 90 days of work to be done down there, but we’ll be happy to have our downtown parking back when they all leave.
  • Fireworkpocalypse 2008. What’s a Fourth of July celebration without fireworks? We may find out this year if the overseas Powers That Be don’t get their acts together. They’re behind schedule, and Tennessee fireworks distributors are worried about getting stocked up in time for the holiday.
  • LED drama continues. Metro City Council decided last night to form a Sign Task Force, whatever that means, which will decide if we’re going to have to look at those huge LED church signs for the rest of our lives.
  • Bits & pieces. Coyote shot and killed in Hermitage neighborhood … Vandy drops $60M on revamping athletic facilities … Mt. Juliet city employee steals $10K from city … Mixed martial arts competitions likely to be legalized in TN soon.

Photo by johncrain.

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