Signature Tower An Epic Fail: Maybe Next Year, Georgia

When we first heard about the Signature Tower a few years ago, we weren’t sure what to think. We knew it would drastically change the skyline that we’ve all come to know and love, and we didn’t think it looked great to begin with. Standing at 1,030 feet and 70 stories, it would be nearly double the height of our beloved batman building (630 feet and 30 stories, ears and all) and divide the skyline down the middle.

But when we heard it would top Atlanta’s Bank of America plaza by 7 feet, becoming the tallest building in the country outside of New York and Chicago, we started to warm up to it. Ever since we started hearing talk of Georgia wanting to move the border and annex a chunk of our state, we’ve been all about minimizing their architectural feats.

Last we heard, it was set to break ground last year.

Then we started seeing headlines a few weeks ago about the developers putting the plans on hold and refocusing their attention on a development project in West Nashville, saying that a lack of revenue is to blame. As of this morning, WTVF was calling it “the building that would have changed Nashville’s skyline” and reporting that the number of condos in the tower is being scaled back from 400 to 125.

We’re a little disappointed, but we haven’t given up hope since none of the renderings on the Signature Tower’s official website have changed. Nashvillest will keep you posted as we hear more in the coming weeks.

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