Get A Taste Of Green Hills Today

Nashvillest welcomes any excuse to dine out guilt-free, and A Taste Of Green Hills is providing the occasion today. The participating Green Hills restaurants will be donating a percentage from your meal to the Green Hills Rotary Foundation in support of several current projects. Dining options are limited with only 4 businesses participating, but they range from Noshville to F. Scott’s, so there’s something for everyone. We called each of the restaurants to clarify what “a percentage” meant. Here’s what we found –

“We don’t really have a percentage, it’s probably just what the general manager wants to donate.”

So caveat emptor, this is no Dining Out For Life. But may be worth giving it a shot.

Noshville Green Hills: 6:30am-4:00pm
Whole Foods Market Grill: 11am-9pm
Nero’s Grille: 11am-9pm
F. Scott’s: 5:30pm-10pm

Thanks to reader Jon Johnson for making sure we had the info for this event.

Photo by rustytanton.