Bright & Early: Business Up Front Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Today’s the day! CMApocalypse 2010 is off to a stormy start, but hopefully all thunder and lighting and wind and rain will stay far away from downtown for this morning’s kickoff parade. Don’t forget to check out the lengthy list of road closures, which started at 8am today. And speaking of traffic, people have already started lining up at the gates of Bonnaroo and clogging up the entirety of I-24 between here and the ‘Noog. So if that’s a route you typically take, you may want to take a look at TDOT’s handy map of suggested Bonnaroo detours.

Photo by B to the T.

  • Jeremy

    GO BISONS GO! GO BISONS GO! The Battle of the Boulevard swings back to LU! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! And then last night versus ETSU, I think both teams set a record for the number of technical fouls called in one game. There were 4 or 5 T’s called, including one on ETSU’s coach. Horrible refereeing.

    • Sounds like an exciting game! We don’t follow much basketball over here but love to rag on y’all anyway. 😉

  • kjbake01

    I didn’t know you were Belmont alums… do they know about the blog? they just recently began a journalism degree… (they of all schools would have a degree in blogging….)


    • That we are! Morgan graduated in ’06 and I graduated in ’08. I even started out in the Journalism program there! Some of the faculty know about the blog (Dr. Syb interviewed us about the Twestival last week) and we’re linked from the Belmont Vision’s site. Hope you’re loving the program there, and tell Thom I say hey!

      • kjbake01

        I am a Belmont student, but Graduate Studies in music, not journalism, so I will unfortunately not be able to pass on your greetings!


    • kjbake01

      Officiating has been awful much of this season. A bird told me that the head of NCAA officiating was in town observing the crew on saturday night.

      BU’s women lost to ETSU almost solely because of the officiating, two bloody noses, and popped tooth,… and no calls…. it turned into a rugby match.

      BU shot like 23% from the floor; which is understandable, because they had ETSU fingers up their nose, in their eyes, and around their throats…. I agree. Horrible refereeing.