Thursday News Rodeo: Adventure Park, Light Rail and a Booze Bandit


Photo by Larry Darling.

  • I’ve always liked sitting on the hill behind the Belmont Parking Garage (I think the street is Bernard Ave). In the past there have always been speakers blaring the Symphony music.

    It’s a good way to avoid the crowds too!

  • Elizabeth E.

    I think the rooftop of the Bristol on Broadway offers a decent view if you know someone living there…

  • Longfingers

    Our church is having a block party! The fun begins at 6:00 pm with live music, inflatable games for kids, concession style foods, etc. At dark, we gather and have a great view of the Nashville firework show. Bring lawn chairs, your family and friends.

    First Church of the Nazarene
    510 Woodland St.

    It is across from the river so we have a great view and then you can jump on the interstate at Spring Street pretty quickly or take Gallatin to Briley

  • Kari

    I’ve always gone to the fireworks in Crockett Park…good music, atmosphere, and don’t have to deal with driving downtown!

    • NickCate

      That is lame as shit. Being downtown is what makes the fireworks special. Being a part of something where all of Nashville is jus partyin together is what 4th of July means to most people. Celebrating the birthday of this country as a CITY. fuck williamson county. We are nashville.

      • Sylvester6054

        Some people have kids that are really young and want to be able to get home as soon as possible after fireworks especially if the parent has to work. So yes although it is better being downtown, some have responsibilities to take care of and not being in two hours of traffic is better.

  • Ayrieoverseas

    I love the fireworks display and each year we just wonder until too tired to go on. This time we ended up near the Stadium. AWESOME, I could almost touch the fireworks.