Your Very Last-Minute, Very Nashville Guide to Valentine’s Day


I hate Valentine’s Day. What is this all about, really? Past grade school, is anyone truly surprised to receive overpriced flowers, cellophane-wrapped chocolates, or (heaven help me) an Edible Arrangement?


You want to surprise your lover? When everyone else is sending flowers and paying for overpriced dinners, you’ll be on a very different, very Nashville track. For the sake of this post, you’re the guy – But this can work no matter what your relationship looks like. Here’s the plan:

Pablo says it best

On the night of the 13th (that’s tonight!), stop by your local library and check out a book of poetry by Pablo Neruda. Dog ear some random pages. As long as you don’t read the index or publisher info, the poems you choose won’t matter. They are all beautiful. Leave the book in your car.

Forget dinner–Make a breakfast date

She going in late to work because you’re taking her to Fido in Hillsboro Village. Order something fantastic like Steak Scramble or Pete’s Breakfast. Sit with your coffee and tell her why you love her.

Take a walk outside

Head down 8th Avenue to Fort Negley. Grab that book of poetry and walk the winding trail to the top. The views of Nashville are spectacular and you’ll be the only people up there. Sit on the old Civil War walls and read the pages you selected. Pass the book back and forth. Kiss her on the mouth.

Build up some passion with space

Drive her to work and walk her to the front door. Now, I’m making a lot of assumptions here: If she’s a stay-at-home mom, this will be a weird moment. If so, improvise. The key is to tell her you want her, then leave for a bit.

Go about your day.

Make a note

Before you head home, find some paper and a pen. Write a paragraph. Write anything. Don’t type it or text it or email it. She thinks your handwriting is sexy/messy/funny/girly (it doesn’t matter). Fold it up and write her name on the outside. When you get home, you’ll drop the note on her pillow.

Let the bubbles go to your head

Stop at the liquor store and spend $25 on a cold bottle of something pink and bubbly. Doesn’t matter if it’s “good.”

The rest is easy. Make dinner at home together (if you enjoy cooking) or order food from your favorite restaurant. Open the wine well before dinner is ready. Turn on that song you both like. Dance in the kitchen. Can’t dance? Who cares. Pull her close and dance. Tell her you enjoyed your breakfast and you’ve been thinking about her all day.

Where you go from here is up to you. I’m not certified to offer any advice. I could have said that earlier, but if you’ve made it this far, you’re in a desperate spot. For that, I am truly sorry. The truth is, the thought is all the counts. Taking a moment to show the person you love that they are the person you love matters every day, not just on February 14th.

Good luck out there.

Photo by peppysis.