Surprise! (Or Is It?) CMApocalypse Bingo 2013 Is Here


Hey, remember us? Despite our radio silence for the past year, we couldn’t let this week pass without bringing you the sixth (whoa) annual CMApocalypse Bingo Board. Download a copy below to print out and play along! If you’re new to CMApocalypse Bingo this year,  you can grab the old boards here for some variety: 20122011, 2010, 2009, 2008

Giant sized CMApocalypse Bingo 2013 board
Pocket sized CMApocalypse Bingo 2013 board
Mobile CMApocalypse Bingo 2013 board (thanks, Thomas!)


  • hamletta

    Howdy, strangers! Good to see you back!

  • Well this was a happy surprise. Welcome back!

  • Leslie Haines


  • jennileeds

    You made my day!