Bright & Early: Gray Skies Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Rough morning out there on the roads, eh? Standing water, stranded drivers and diesel spills caused partial shutdowns of several busy roadways and interstates early this morning, although things seem to be moving along now. The heavy rain is gone, and we’ll get to mid-50′s temperatures this afternoon, but a cold front tomorrow will bring a chance of a rain/snow mix. Ah, Nashville weather.

Photo by Pam Morgan.

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  • There is an episode of 30 Days (same guy who made Supersize Me) where he becomes a coal miner for 30 days. Very interesting documentary and there’s a part where he talks to some former miners who are against mountain top removal. It shows an actual blast too.

    • Oh wow, that does sound pretty interesting. I recently drove through some mining towns in West Virginia and it was fascinating… you could see some of the strips of coal left over from the mining along with some pretty blatant “clean coal” billboards placed by high-rolling PR firms. I need to look that up on the interwebs.

  • Actually the Predators partial-season ticket plans aren’t new this year, the City Paper apparently misunderstood the press release. These same plans were available last season, what was announced today are the specific games covered by the 13- and 23-game packages.

    • You know, I wondered! Because it seemed like I’d seen those packages before, but I trusted the City Paper. That was my first mistake, right? 😉 Thanks for the heads-up.