Bright & Early: Dream On Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Your tour of the morning headlines:

  • The Titans pulled off a 17-14 victory over the Denver Broncos yesterday and it was awesome, except for the part where Chris Johnson still isn’t doing much and Kenny Britt was carted off the field with a painful-looking knee injury. [WKRN]
  • BREAKING: Sometimes women like sports! [Tennessean]
  • Downtown Nashville isn’t the only place around here with a gang problem–police in Lebanon worked together with the FBI to make 15 gang-related arrests, 11 of which were members of the Vice Lords. [City Paper]
  • Someone has been running around stealing storm grates from around the city, most likely to sell for scrap metal, leaving gaping holes in the road and also costing the city about $200 to replace each. Around 90 have gone missing so far, and police estimate they only bring about $10-12 apiece when sold. Anyway, cyclists are being advised to keep an eye out. [WKRN]
  • Nashville is trying to take some cues from other cities on how to grow and strengthen its economy over the next few years. Though the entire country is struggling with this a bit, Nashville is one of 20 cities with the strongest economies at the moment. [Tennessean]
  • About 2,500 folks turned out for Saturday’s AIDS Walk benefiting Nashville CARES. Woohoo! [WTVF]

Photo by Mike Noble.

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