Bright & Early: Vote Vote Vote Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It’s Election Day around here in Davidson County, so if you didn’t make it out for early voting, get yo’ butts to the polls! Find out where to vote, who’s running, a sample ballot (PDF alert) and all sorts of other election-y things over at the Davidson County Election Commission. This is your city, Nashville: Make your voices heard.

  • For starters, WKRN’s Lisa Patton declared yesterday “officially miserable” in the weather department, and if Lisa says it’s miserable, then it is miserable. Here’s hoping things cool off a bit today! [Nashville WX]
  • Oh and by the way, it reached 102 degrees yesterday which broke the heat record for August 3rd that was set way back in 1959. [Nashville WX]
  • Even our mighty Titans are struggling with the heat as they shuffle around the practice field. [WTVF]
  • While we were complaining about our water tasting like dirt, Planet Franklin’s water supply was found to be in violation of state standards because of an “unusually high” amount of cleaning supply byproducts. So basically, Franklin, you’re drinking Windex. [Tennessean]
  • Despite the FAA funding uncertainty, the Nashville International Airport will be continuing their projects and just hoping that they eventually get reimbursed. [WPLN]
  • The Nashville Superspeedway out in Wilson County won’t be hosting any NASCAR events next year due to lack of interest. [City Paper]
  • A suspicious device caused Metro to shut down part of West End yesterday and evacuate many of the surrounding buildings. No word on what it actually was, but we’re hoping it was another messy box of ribs. [WTVF]

Photo by Paul Beavers.

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