Bright & Early: Bigger Fish To Fry Edition

Good morning, Nashville. With Metro’s election day just around the corner, it seems relevant to note that six of our candidates, including two incumbents, have criminal backgrounds. As misdemeanors don’t bar someone from running for office in Davidson County, it’s totally legal for these folks to run. Offenses seem to mostly include DUIs with a little trespassing and assault on the side. And speaking of, er, interesting Metro Council races, there never seems to be a dull moment in East Nashville’s District 5 where candidate Pam Murray decided to have a little fish fry directly across the street from opponent Scott Davis’ house on Saturday. Murray, who was ousted by District 5 voters and replaced by Jamie Hollin last year, also got in a bit of trouble last week for offering free fish sandwiches in exchange for taking voters to the polls.

Photo by Eva Maria.