Bright & Early: When You Wish Upon A Starwood Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Back in February, we were really excited to hear that the Metro Council had approved the reopening of the Starwood Amphitheater, which used to be Nashville’s premier outdoor music venue back in the day. We pictured ourselves all sprawled out on the Starwood lawn enjoying the sounds of summer in the muggy Tennessee heat, and yet here we are in July with the venue showing no signs of life. Turns out the “slumping economy” is to blame for that (and many other things) and it’s looking less and less likely that developer Vastland Companies will be able to realize all–or any–of their plans for the space. The clock already is ticking away, as they have four years left to figure something out before their deal with Metro expires. We won’t get our hopes up.

Photo by Brice McMaster.

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