Bright & Early: See You In Court Edition

Good morning, Nashville. The Contributor street newspaper, with help from the ACLU, will be suing the City of Brentwood over an ordinance that keeps their vendors from selling newspapers on streets and sidewalks, allegedly depriving them of their right to free speech. Eight vendors have already been cited and fined for violating the ordinance, which the city says is a matter of safety. Though Brentwood has already amended this ordinance to allow vendors on sidewalks only, effective July 1, The Contributor is still concerned about the First Amendment violation and adverse effects on vendors’ livelihoods. The Contributor currently has about twice the distribution of any other homeless newspaper in the U.S. or Canada.

Photo by Tom C. Frundle.

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  • notthejetset

    Nashvillest, you are great. But it seems a little cold to include a 12-year-old girl being shot as part of the “Bits & pieces” paragraph. You gave more attention to the baby elephant that was killed. Just struck me as a bit odd.

    • I’m sorry if it seemed that way! Most of the time, I’m not choosing Bits & Pieces based on the importance of the stories, but rather how far down they are in Google Reader. There are many shootings in the local news every day and I included this one because it was unusual in that it was a 12-year old girl. I’ll try to be more careful about it in the future.