Beef Up Your 4th Of July Weekend With Burger Eating Contest At Melrose

The 4th of July is coming up this weekend, and that can only mean one thing: Meat! Err… America! (And meat.) We’re not sure what it is about this holiday above all others that makes people want to stuff their faces with an absurd amount of meat, but we hear it has something to do with a grill. Anyway, if you’re both meat-loving and gluttonous, we’ve got just the thing for you this holiday weekend – The Melrose’s first annual local beef burger eating contest.

Hosted by the Melrose, New Belgium and Hillview Farm, local Adam Richman wannabes can fork over $25 for the opportunity to eat the Melrose’s five specialty burgers all stacked on one bun, washed down by a frosty pint of New Belgium beer. The first to finish the challenge wins a $100 gift card to the Melrose, which you can use to buy more meat from them some other time! Second and third place prizes clock in at $50 and $25, and if you don’t win, well, you probably just ate $25 worth of meat anyway, so everyone’s a winner!

The burger showdown starts on Sunday, July 3 at 3pm and there will be New Belgium beer specials for everyone, which means you have no excuse to not head to the Melrose to watch this gut buster. If you want to participate, call 615-712-8160 or sign up in person at the Melrose.

Photo by waldec.

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