Bright & Early: Get To Work Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk David Torrence could be penalized up to losing his job after WSMV planted a camera outside his house and found that he only works three days per week and pulls in a six-figure, taxpayer-funded salary. They also found that he uses his county car for liquor store runs and hired his sons into two jobs in the office without posting the positions first. Though he was pretty unapologetic in WSMV’s initial interview, he has since publicly apologized and promised to go to work at some point. Davidson County taxpayers have since been blowing up Mayor Dean’s phone, and even Mayor Dean has stated the Torrence needs to work a normal schedule. Several Metro Councilmembers have called for his resignation or removal from office and District Attorney Torry Johnson is looking into ways to make that happen. Trouble is, he was just elected to a fifth four-year term.

Photo by Elaine Williams.

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