Bright & Early: In Plane Sight Edition

Good morning, Nashville. The death toll for this week’s storms has grown to at least 290 across six states, including 206 in Alabama alone, and many people are still missing. The National Weather Service is still trying to determine how to classify the Tuscaloosa tornado, but they say it was at least an EF4, if not an EF5. Residents are pouring across the Tennessee border into Maury County to find gas and other supplies. Here in Tennessee, there have been 33 fatalities counted so far, mainly in the southeast part of the state, and the National Weather Service also confirmed that tornadoes touched down in nearby Rutherford and Lawrence counties. The Nashville chapter of the Red Cross is starting to deploy volunteers all across the state and into other parts of the south for disaster relief work. If you’re looking for ways to help, check out yesterday’s roundup.

Photo by Jacob Thornton.

  • I drove past the gathering yesterday and there were definitely no more than a few hundred. Maybe that was a guest post by Phil Valentine on News Channel 5.

    Also, my mother is currently in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. They were told to stay in their hotel the day it happened, but otherwise have continued working. She has seen small protests, but nothing that made them feel unsafe. According to the locals the vast majority of people couldn’t wait for that guy’s term to be over so most are happy he’s gone. They are supposed to fly back on Thursday as they originally planned.