Photos: Musica Shows Off Preds Pride [TGIF]

It’s Preds Playoff Pride Day, and in the best show of Preds Pride ever, a local prankster has decked out Musica in the finest XXXXXL Preds threads around. Anyone want to come clean? The Preds crushed the Anaheim Ducks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals this past Wednesday, and we fully expect them to do the same in tonight’s Game 2. We can only hope that the nudies will stay clothed long enough to welcome the Ducks to good ol’ Trashville for Game 3 on Sunday.

Because we love you, we trekked out in the rain across the roundabout to get a few more photos, which you can see here in slideshow form. We’re soggy and proud. A+ to our anonymous prankster!

Photos by nashvillest.