Bright & Early: Even Elvis Needs Marshmallows Sometimes Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Owners of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Broadway Brewhouse and Rippy’s have dropped $2.1 million on purchasing the old Seanachie Pub building at Fourth and Broadway, which has been vacant for nearly ten years. Since it was shuttered in 2002, the building has changed hands a couple of times between banks and out-of-town investors, though most folks seem hopeful that these locals with a track record of success may finally be able to bring something good into the space. The new owners haven’t given many details about their plans, but they did say that it’ll include some “Broadway honky-tonk flavor.” Good news is, it probably won’t be a CVS.

Photo by Jon Erickson.

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  • Love the Editor’s Note– when I first saw the post, I thought to myself, “Central BBQ in Memphis could whoop all their butts.”

    You read my mind.

  • Josh

    Martin’s is located in Nolensville – not Hendersonville… just didn’t want anyone driving the to the wrong side of town to find Nashville’s best BBQ!

  • J.K.

    Martin’s isn’t in Hendersonville – it’s in Nolensville. Center Point BBQ is in Hendersonville though – good stuff.

    • Well, posting faulty information is one way to get a bunch of comments! 😉 Thanks for the correction!

  • Ben

    Martin’s is DEFINITELY worth the drive! If not for the pork and brisket, then definitely for the chicken wings. They’re smoked, then flash fried, then dipped in a homemade Alabama white sauce. They are FANTASTIC.

  • Jim

    I had a BBQ place (Mothership BBQ) and since I closed, Martin’s is the place I send people. Pat knows what he’s doing, and he doesn’t cut corners. Now if I can just talk him into buying the big-ass smoker that’s sitting in my driveway.

    • Mike

      That is going to be a tough one, have you seen the catering rig he just built for the Big Apple BBQ? He has some pics of it on his blog.

      Still miss the Mothership….

    • I thought about putting Mothership in the poll, but I didn’t want everyone voting for a nonexistent place, sad as the facts may be. They gotta pick from what’s open now.

    • Man, I miss the mothership. Fantastic chicken BBQ.

  • themick

    I grew up in Huntsville and white sauce is like crack to me so I’m gonna have to try Martin’s. Cantrell’s has really good ribs and huge portions. I used to live across the street so they have a special place in my stomach…er heart.

  • I’ve been to all of those EXCEPT Martin’s, and my vote is B&C in the Farmer’s Market. It blows Jack’s out of the water -> how is Jack’s #1 right now?!?!?

    • I wondered the same thing… I wasn’t aware that Jack’s was so popular among locals.

      • cwage

        I will never understand why people like Jack’s so much.

  • Nolensville’s not too far from me, guess I’m going to have to check it out especially since Doc Funkenswine himself gave a recommendation.

    My two favorite BBQ places have both closed. First Herbert’s in Franklin, then Mothership. I like Jack’s & Judge Beans but they’re inconvenient. Bar B Cutie & Witt’s are decent. I’m hoping Martin’s lives up to it’s ever growing rep.

    • Judge Beans is opening a new place in Brentwood, which seems like it’ll be more convenient than a closed up Greer Stadium location. 😉

  • TaterTot

    What about Jim-N-Nick’s?? They are my favorite for sure.

  • Scott

    Haven’t tried Martins yet – but from the looks of it, it is what nashville has been needing!

    spending time in other parts of tennessee and south carolina, the bbq has certainly not been a strong suit for nashville in the past. Hopefully Martins will change that!

  • Other: Las Palmas

  • charlesjeter

    Being from Memphis I have been a lifelong Rendezvous fan. I have to say that now Martin’s is the best bbq I have ever had!