Bright & Early: Redbud Winter Edition

Good morning Nashville. We hope you haven’t packed up your jackets yet, because Mother Nature has decided to cool things off for us. Today’s temperatures in the 40’s will drop to the low 30’s overnight, so bring in or cover those plants! We’ll see temperatures back up in the 60’s by Saturday, plus some rain and potential severe weather. Speaking of severe weather, yesterday’s “slight chance” turned into a tornado warning, and the National Weather Service is now checking to see if any tornadoes actually touched down. Tornadoes or no tornadoes, Middle Tennessee was hit with some pretty nasty thunderstorms last night and many areas surrounding Davidson County saw significant damage. Welcome to Spring in Nashville, folks.

Photo by hikeandhistory.

  • jermscentral

    Wow! And I thought spotting an elephant sticking its trunk out the trailer was a good sighting!

  • Wow, great capture! I wonder where it’s going….

    • It’s going to the “Batman” building of course.

  • There’s a guy in Jackson, TN (we’re right down I-40 from you guys) who owns a bunch of prop replica cars… one of which is the 1989 Batmobile. He also has a BTTF DeLorean, Ecto 1, and others…. I’m thinking this might be one of his…