Bright & Early: Elephants In The Room Edition

Good morning, Nashville. After firing their CEO and being sued by one of the original founders, the Hohenwald Elephant Sanctuary is hoping to get a fresh start and take on a bigger role of educating the public about elephants. Located about 80 miles southwest of here, they take in old, sick or injured elephants from circuses and zoos and give them some peace and quiet in which to roam around. The sanctuary still won’t be open to the public, but they will be opening up an educational center in the Hohenwald town square so folks can learn all about the work they do. Additionally, they’ve installed 12 elephant cams so we can at least watch them on the internet when we’re procrastinating at work. We tested it out this morning and it’s a bit foggy, but we’re pretty sure it will be awesome once the weather clears up.

Photo by Kerry Woo.

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