Happy Hour: Something That Isn’t Snow

  • Belmont University President Bob Fisher announced this afternoon that the university will be extending their nondiscrimination policy to include sexual orientation. The new clause will be added to all student, faculty and staff handbooks. [Belmont Vision]
  • Melrose Lanes, the abandoned bowling alley above Melrose Billiards on Franklin Pike, may turn into some condos soon. According to the proposal, Melrose Billiards wouldn’t be bothered. [Nashville Post]
  • Red Cross blood donations experienced the biggest slump this year that they’ve seen in a decade, and they’re blaming the snow. [WTVF]
  • Hey, check out this beautiful Siberian husky who got a prosthetic paw from a local vet! [WSMV]
  • We’ve been meaning to tell y’all about this for weeks, but biologists have discovered a monstrously large new crawfish species in Tennessee. By “monstrous,” we mean that they are five inches long, but that’s twice the size of the normal ones. Sweet dreams? [WSMV]

Photo by snellycat.

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