Bright & Early: Bros Icing Bros Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Kids in Metro Schools got yet another snow day today as officials closed the place down for the second day straight while several neighboring school systems opened a few hours late. But the real story is the nasty-looking ice storm in tomorrow’s forecast, which could coat the region with more than a quarter-inch of ice throughout the day on Wednesday. Depending on which forecast you look at, snow and freezing rain could start as early as tonight and continue well into Thursday. Thankfully, TDOT seems to be getting a head start on this one. But as The Weather Channel so delicately puts it, “ICE ACCUMULATIONS OF THESE AMOUNTS WILL CREATE HAVOC ON ROADWAYS AND ADD TREMENDOUS WEIGHT TO TREES AND POWER LINES, WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF POWER AND TELEPHONE OUTAGES.” See you soon, Cantore!

Photo from somewhere else on the internet because Flickr is down.