Happy Hour: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

  • Today we received the sad news that Titans offensive coach Mike Heimerdinger has been diagnosed with cancer and may have started chemotherapy as early as today. Though no one has said what kind of cancer it is or how severe, Coach Fisher said he is “very sick.” [WKRN]
  • And then there’s Vince Young, who texted an apology to Coach Fisher for their locker room blowout. Fisher was not incredibly thrilled with the effort and told the Tennessean, “I’m not a real big text guy. I’m not really into this new-age stuff. I don’t twitter or tweet, but I think face-to-face is a man thing.” We’re officially growing tired of this situation. [Tennessean]
  • Did you know that Tennesseans largely prefer roasted turkeys over fried, canned cranberries over homemade, dark meat over white? And that almost half of us don’t really care if our Christmas sweaters are tacky? Go us. [Tennessean]
  • Things went pretty well at the airport today. So that’s good! [Tennessean]
  • And oh, if you’re driving through Knoxville, TDOT is recommending an alternate route because the traffic is supposed to be horrendous. [WKRN]

Photo by Daniel Mack.

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  • Colby

    Totally agree. I’ve been saying Fat Mo’s is overrated for years (years!). Rotier’s is just simple goodness. French bread only, though!

  • Andrew

    I like Rotier’s, but what about Dyer’s in Memphis or Bell’s Drive In in Henderson?

  • My wife & I stopped by tonight after reading this.

    I had a burger on french bread while she opted for a traditional bun. We both really liked that the meat was hand-pattied and came with a nice array of toppings. Our fries and rings were average. I also got a vanilla shake which was too thick and more like a sundae in a metal cup. They served my wife’s Diet Coke from a glass bottle.

    We’ll definitely be back.

    • That’s great that you stopped in after reading. We feel influential 😉 And well, your comment has me craving a milkshake at midnight. Way to go!

  • I can testify. Some people will lead you astray with the French bread, but get it grilled on white. It’s hands down the best in town. Though PM does come a close second with an entirely different sort of burger.

    • jermscentral

      Agreed on getting it “grilled” — it’s served on white bread, Texas toast style, and is amazingly delicious.

    • I’ll vote for PM’s veggie burger any day! Can’t really chime in on the regular burger discussion though.

  • Glad to hear that Rotier’s is getting some props. I feel like they’ve been taken for granted over the past few years. Love the cheeseburger on French bread. Have never ordered anything else. If I’m not drinking a beer, it’s the chocolate shake. The thicker the better.

  • Kevin Heim

    absolutely the best in town. A grilled cheeseburger with mayonnaise, and I’m in heaven! I know its totally unhealthy, but the southern in me clamors for mayonnaise on their burgers. Even though they’re famous for the french bread burger, the grilled ones are pretty fantastic.

  • french bread cheeseburger, all the way.

  • Jason

    Definitely the best in town, for sure. I’ve not tasted many burgers in TN outside of Nashville.. but every time I go and try some new burger I find somewhere nearby.. I always end up going back to Rotier’s!

    The glass bottled Coke puts it over the top for me!

    • You’re not the first to mention the glass bottled Coke. Sounds like a winner. We’ll be visiting for sure.

  • Can I vote for Brown’s Diner????Puleaze?

  • I’ve only been to Rotier’s once and it was because I had hear such great things about their burgers. It was quite good. Best in TN? I don’t know, but then again I don’t work for the food network.

  • Five Guys? Anyone?

  • Trey

    Wimpy burger greenfield tn. Hands down

  • The PM burger is… well i don’t really know good food adjectives.

    Delectable? Splendiferous? Gorge-worthy?

  • Amanda

    I think Wildhorse Saloon has the best burger. I love the flavor they incorporate with the horseradish.

  • burger hunter

    what’s PM?

  • Rotier’s would be my 3rd fave behind…

    Fat Moe’s and Five Guys (chain or not… Five Guys is the In N Out of the east.

    • jermscentral

      Five Guys is crazy delicious, I’ll have to give you that — though I’ve never been to In N Out. And the scent of their fries is hunger-inducing, regardless of how full you are.

      The only reason I’d keep Fat Mo’s off the list is because of how much pepper is in their ground beef. It almost tastes like it’s seasoned with mace.

  • A

    Huey’s in Memphis has been voted the best burger there for years. Why is PM on this list?

    • Why would PM not be on the list? As evidenced by it having the most votes (currently), it’s incredibly popular!

  • JonEric

    Bison burger at Past Perfect.

  • peter

    PM’s burger was my favorite until I had the barbecue, jalepeno burger (minus the mustard) at Sam’s and the chili & jalepeno burger at Pirhana’s. Sam’s is my favorite now.

  • I’ll second Past Perfect, though I’ll go with the Pompei Burger, because everything’s better with feta.

  • Jenny

    Huey’s in Memphis is hands-down the best restaurant burger I’ve ever had. It’s a Memphis tradition and a very sad state of affairs that it didn’t make #1 or even the poll here. Seriously? I wish Nashville didn’t hate Memphis so much. I have lived in both and love both! Can’t we all just get along?

    • No one’s hating on Memphis – This IS a blog about Nashville, though! We aren’t familiar with any burgers in Memphis and have to go on what folks like yourself tell us.

  • John

    Right on about Huey’s in Memphis. Nothing else even comes close.

  • ulika

    Buster’s in Murfreesboro is the best burger in Tennessee. Hands down no question

  • Other: Las Palmas. (Yes, they have cheese burgers.)

    • Seek therapy. Quick! There’s still time to recover.

  • Chewieez

    PM really? huh, have to check it out.

    I voted ‘other’ as my favorites in town are Cheeseburger Charlie’s and maybe the bison at Ted’s.

    not-so-secretly glad that Five Guys isn’t on there as I think it’s overrated for sure.

  • Matt W

    PM is the best. Everyone who disagrees can get swine flu (and be just fine).

  • Bell’s Drive In is in Henderson… not Hendersonville… and is certainly the best.

    • Thanks for the catch! We’ll fix it up.

  • Karen

    Bobby’s Dairy Dip!! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it mentioned.

  • patrick

    Could we stop talking about PM? It was supposed to be a secret.

    • Judging by the eternal wait every time I visit PM, I really doubt it’s a huge secret anymore…

  • austinswoape

    I was in the Bunganut Pig in Murfreesboro about two weeks ago and had the most amazing cheese burger I have ever had it was huge and delightful.

  • Matt

    Stratton’s in Ashland City

  • JIM

    Burger Basket in Alamo or
    Wimpy’s in Greenfield

  • Finger Cafe in Finger ,Tn    its unbelievable you must try it.

  • Chtg

    Belmont grill…memphis

  • tootie


  • Lee Mundy

    Best burger in town hands down. My son loves the chocolate shake and the onion rings are legit.