Bright & Early: Sound Of Music City Edition

Good morning, Nashville. In case we’d forgotten about the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, which took one of the hardest hits during the flood, they’re now turning to their endowment for the necessary funding to repair the beautiful building. At the height of the flood, they had about 20 feet of water in their basement which ruined countless instruments, operations equipment and the center’s catering facilities. They expect to reopen early next year, but with federal assistance being pretty slow to arrive, much of the $39 million in repair costs will be fronted by funds from their endowment and slowly replenished as donations and federal assistance roll in. Even so, they’ll probably be taking quite a hit. So for the love of all things holy, get out there and catch a Nashville Symphony performance if you can swing it and let’s help them get back on their feet.

Photo by µJoe.

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