Regions Free Days At Adventure Science Center [Freebies]

After attending the last Way Late Play Date, we’re pretty much in love with the Adventure Science Center. What’s not to like about zapping germs with a laser gun, playing basketball in wheelchairs and climbing up a giant jungle gym? That’s why we’re (perhaps excessively) excited about September 12, when Regions Free Days returns with a little science experiment – What happens when you mix “free admission” with “Adventure Science Center”?

We’re pretty sure the answer will include the words “packed house,” but that won’t stop us from taking advantage of free admission at the Adventure Science Center on Sunday, September 12 from 12:30-5:30pm. This isn’t one of those wimpy freebies either – Regular admission is $12 for adults and $9 for the kids, and free admission is a rare treat at the science center. Thanks, Regions!

If you’re over 21 and paying for a child-free science experience (plus a little booze) is more your style, tickets for the next Way Late Play Date on October 26 are on sale now. The past two Play Dates have sold out in advance, so secure your spot now, then start planning your moonwalk-friendly Halloween costume.

Photo by clarks aunt.