Bright & Early: As We Walk In Fields Of Green Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Picture this: You’re on a plane just sitting in one of those little seats with your complimentary beverage, snacking on some lightly-salted peanuts while eagerly reading Twilight on your Kindle™, and the flight attendants begin preparing the cabin for landing. They chatter over the loudspeaker, maybe do a little song and dance routine if you’re flying that one airline, and you begin to stretch as the plane taxis happily into the terminal at BNA. “Welcome to Nashville,” the flight attendant exclaims, “where marijuana grows in fields like wildflowers!” Turning your head to the left to gaze out the tiny airplane window, you spot that beautiful field of green rippling in the warm Tennessee breeze. You smile, for you are home. Actually, this is more or less what just happened at BNA yesterday (though perhaps we embellished a bit) when several of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s finest found an actual “field of pot growing in an open area of the airport,” tended to by one Mr. Mark Vining who is 51 years of age. Having already racked up a few drug charges in his day, Mr. Vining was not actually an airport employee, which makes us wonder how he ended up with enough airport access to grow all that pot in the first place.

Photo by Flickr Avatar.

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