Bright & Early: It’s A Marathon Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Thanks to the folks in the US House, our state is the proud recipient of $200 million more in federal flood relief aid. Though the midstate has made huge strides toward recovery in the past few months, many homes and businesses are still facing more damages than they can afford. Many folks have also been frustrated by the lack of help from FEMA and the Small Business Administration, or by the amount of time it’s taking to get to them. The SBA has actually denied 62% of all flood claims by small businesses, meaning that almost two out of three businesses applying for help aren’t receiving it.

Photo by Jett Lowe.

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  • Lawmakers. Or notlawmakers, because apparently they’re too lazy to write some new laws that will get my wino in grocery stores. I guess on the bright side, at least we’re not one of those states that have government run liquor stores. Geez. Government and alcohol should not mix, always leaves a terrible hangover.

    • No kidding! That’s the way it was in Virginia and I never really understood how that works. And they all closed at 9pm, which sucks.

    • They’re too busy adding their names to lawsuits (not even filed in our state) questioning Obama’s birth certificate that has already been presented and examined multiple times. If wine was more easily accessible (somewhere like, I dunno, grocery stores) maybe they could all have a glass and regain their common sense.