Happy Hour: Blip Blip Bloop

  • Downtown could see some “power blips” tomorrow and Saturday during the early morning hours courtesy of the Music City Center. But then y’all are getting used to this, right? [Tennessean]
  • Mayor Dean is proposing a one-stop shop to deal with domestic violence and child abuse in hopes of dealing with our city’s growing problem. [WPLN]
  • We suppose that someone always has to be the first one in line for Titans tickets, but already? Tickets don’t go on sale until Saturday morning. [WKRN]
  • Breaking: Despite what lawmakers seem to think, most Tennessee voters are actually opposed to allowing guns in bars. Even the East Tennesseans! [Tennessean]
  • News Channel 4 reports that Nashville’s tornado sirens were a little late to respond to the warnings on Monday night, taking a full 18 minutes to sound off after the first warning was issued. Typically, they don’t take longer than three minutes. [WSMV]

Photo by Lachlan Hardy.

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  • Matt W

    Do NOT go to “Eat” at Loews. The promotion is only for one specific menu item of the night. Furthermore prepare for the most AWKWARD moment ever when the waiter comes at the end of the meal and audibly asks you and everyone in your party to tell him how much you would like to pay for your meal. I kid you not. The food was good but nothing to write home about. The place was DEAD and I mean dead. Only one other table (obviously hotel guests) occupied the place the entire time we were there. I felt terrible for the team of servers and the house musician who would be going home with less tip money than a Sonic carhop. One of the worst dining experiences I’ve ever had.