Bright & Early: Adventure Time Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Last night, Metro unveiled the much-anticipated plans for the riverfront adventure play park. Once you get past the computerized rendering filled with the Photoshopped children, it actually looks pretty fun. There will be a “hollow” for small children and a “gorge” for larger children (!?), a spray ground, a “scooped misting meadow,” a grass amphitheater and a canopy that doubles as a stage for events up to 1,200 people. A few years down the road, they’ll be adding a two-mile looped trail by the river, some trails, a cove, an overlook and grassy lawn. We also anticipate some great potential for new public art, which will only be acceptable if it looks like this. Construction is all set to start in October and in all seriousness, we’re more than ready to see Nashville finally spruce up its riverfront.

Photo by wjb13.

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