Best Idea Ever: Adults-Only Nights At The Adventure Science Center

No, no, not that kind of adults-only. But we kind of want to kiss whoever came up with the brilliant idea of a 21+ evening at the Adventure Science Center. No longer will we be the weird adults using the toys while the kiddos wait. No longer do we have to fear crushing a child in the poop chute. No longer will 10-year-olds point and laugh as we try to wiggle into a harness for gravity-free moonwalking.

The Adventure Science Center will open after-hours (7-10pm) on both June 24 and July 27 for an adults-only Way Late Play Date, and the $15 pricetag on admission includes two very adult beverages and some maybe-or-maybe-not-adult munchies. Or you can grab an adult date and get a pair of tickets for only $25! Tickets can be purchased online in advance.