Let The Games Begin: CMApocalypse Bingo 2010

You’ve been patient, we’ve been busy, but the wait is finally over. This year’s CMApocalypse Bingo card is ready to shine just in time for tomorrow’s CMA big road-closing kickoff parade shindig! A big thanks to @ay_dree_un, @StarinaJohnson, @remoore and @missbethd for helping us wrap up the last few squares. And hey, we can joke around all we want, but let’s be nice to the tourists this year. They’re helping our city rebuild in a huge way, and we’re thankful for every single one of them.

… Now get out there and start sending us mullet pictures.

Giant CMApocalypse 2010 Bingo board
Pocket-sized CMApocalypse 2010 Bingo board