We Have A Situation: Nashville Is Sinking [Flood 2010]

What a day, right? We’re looking at some of the worst flooding in decades, the interstates are closed, people’s houses are flooding, some cows are stranded, and it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. We’ve done our best to keep you guys ahead of the storm via Twitter, but here are some things you may need to know:

News Updates:

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Other Information:

  • Emergency shelters. There are seven shelters open across the city for folks who have been flooded out of their homes or stranded on the road somewhere. Check the list at Middle Tennessee Red Cross.
  • Flood assistance. Those in need of shelter or assistance can reach the Red Cross at (615) 250-4300. For non-emergencies, call (615) 862-8574.
  • Weather updates. The weather is expected to get worse over the next 24-36 hours with lots more rain on the way. Check your local forecast and sign up for text message or e-mail alerts over at The Weather Channel, see localized coverage at NashvilleWX, and tune into NOAA if you’ve got a weather radio handy. We also hear that 99.7 FM is giving great updates in case of a power outage.
  • Traffic. Roads are closing all over the city and traffic is a mess. Some of the best resources we’ve found have been the TDOT Smartmap and the Tennessean’s realtime traffic map. You can also read and share Nashville road closures and traffic conditions on Twitter @NashTraffic. For Franklin Road closures, follow @FranklinTraffic on Twitter.
  • Photos & video. Flickr user BJJourney was cool enough to compile all the Twitpics people were sending us and throw them in one Flickr pool. If you’ve got photos or videos that you’re dying to share, you can share them here. Galleries are also up at the Tennessean, WSMV, News Channel 5 and WKRN.
  • Twitter. Sometimes information hits Twitter before it has the chance to hit the news. For storm and flood-related tweets, we’re using the hashtag #OtherSituation2010. If you don’t already, you can follow us @nashvillest and we’ll be working hard to keep you current.

Since you guys are our best source of information, we want to leave this up as an open thread for you to share tips/news/snark/closures/whatever as things unfold. Let us have it in the comments. Meanwhile, we’ll try to keep tabs on the coverage around the web and most as much here and on Twitter as we can. Be safe, Nashville!