Happy Hour: Tee Gee Eye Eff

  • Metro Water Services would like everyone in Antioch to please limit their water usage this weekend while they replace the water lines. So no matter how nice it is outside, no running through the sprinkler, okay? You will be hogging all the water from your neighbors which is not cool. [WSMV]
  • Today was a special day for Mayor Dean because he had to suit up in gym clothes and go play basketball with some middle schoolers. It had something to do with our city’s sky-high childhood obesity rates. [WTVF]
  • The crazy person who rammed into a guy’s car yesterday because of an Obama sticker apparently told his side of the story today, which was not much. From what we can tell, he flipped the guy the bird, rammed his car, rammed his car some more and then peeled off to Harris Teeter for some dinner which is where the police intercepted him. And oh yeah, he was drunk. [WKRN]
  • For the frequent fliers among us, BNA is making some seasonal changes to the flight schedules that may affect your travel plans. [Tennessean]
  • Why can we not get enough of Bette the Baby Goat? Seriously. Head over to The Green Wagon on Sunday at 2pm to wish her a happy one-month birthday. [Twitter]

Photo by pr9000.

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  • forum poster

    what a freakin joke this is since the HOV lanes aren’t enforced and people in Hummers and Yukons drive in them alone all the time.

    • I initially thought the same thing, but TN has given out over 1400 tickets for HOV violations this year, which is up from previous years. And honestly, I’d rather have the cops pulling over people who are endangering my life on the road rather than HOV violators… though it sort of invalidates the idea if people don’t obey.

      I’m from Virginia and a lot of the HOV lanes there have entrance and exit ramps – they’re separate center lanes with concrete barriers separating them from the regular traffic. They change direction with the time of day, and they have a higher speed limit. They’re also easier to enforce, because people can’t use the HOV lane as a passing lane when it’s set up like that. Our HOV lanes in Nashville are just too tempting, I guess.

  • Stinks that my Diesel VW Golf (that gets better gas mileage than lots of hybrids and can run on easier to produce biodiesel) doesn’t qualify.

    • Agreed, it doesn’t seem quite right that your car doesn’t qualify.

  • Rachel

    Yay a new counterfeit market!

  • rory419

    I think that this is a ridiculous law. Why should the few, the proud and the elite hybrid owners get to drive in an HOV lane-meant for HIGH OCCUPANCY VEHICLES-just because they own a hybrid vehicle?

    • weeeezzll

      I agree. Hybrids only get good fuel economy when city driving. On the expressway they get the same fuel economy as their non-hybrid counterparts.

  • weeeezzll

    According to the TN DOT there are only ~1,300 registered vehicles that qualify.