Happy Hour: Badly Broken Brackets

  • We hope you all enjoyed slaving over your brackets only to have them blown at the last possible moment during Vandy’s big upset against Murray State this afternoon. You’re in good company, though; even the President lost this one. [City Paper]
  • Now here’s an interesting twist: The Leprechaun Bank Robber from yesterday and the Santa Bank Robber from Christmastime are actually the same person. [WTVF]
  • Oh hey! It turns out that the County Clerk offices actually were not breaking any laws by playing slot machines yesterday, despite the best efforts of News Channel 5 to prove otherwise. John Arriola apologized anyway (sort of), saying: “Even though I did not know this was happening and even though everything was technically legal and ethical, it should not have happened, and I take full responsibility.” [WTVF]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow had some super-flattering things to say about our city in her blog this morning. Though we can’t quite picture her packing away some Prince’s Hot Chicken and we’re not quite sure where this Fido inside of Bongo Java is and her shoutout to the Turnip Truck’s “staff of hipsters” makes us giggle, we sure do appreciate the love. Come on back and see us, Gwyneth, ya hear? [GOOP]
  • We’re feeling for our friends at the Tennessean this afternoon upon hearing the news that parent company Gannett gave its CEO a $1.6 million raise despite laying off 6,000 people and imposing unpaid furloughs on most of the folks left. [Poynter]

Photo by Nathan T. Baker.

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