Bright & Early: Then He Waved Goodbye Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Icy roads and stranded cars and roof collapsing aside, we have to say that we’re pretty sad to see #TheSituation2010 come to an end. We saw some creative snowmen, truly impressive sledding stunts (and some hilarious improvised sleds, and some nuns sledding…), Tokyo Cool Springs Mall drifting, citywide snowball fights and tasty new drink recipes. And for once, those weird little snowball-hurling polar bear statues didn’t seem so out of place. To quote the Tennessean, “Northerners might be better at driving on snow, but nobody appreciates the stuff like the people who have been waiting seven years to see it.” But for most of us, it’s back to real life and crossing our fingers that we don’t have to wait another seven years for the next storm.