Suit Up: Santa Rampage Spreading Christmas Jeer This Saturday

Don’t be surprised if you head downtown on Saturday night, only to find yourself rubbing your eyes and questioning your sobriety (hint: You’re probably not the one who’s drunk). Yes, the hundreds of Santas you see carousing downtown are for real. The annual Nashville Santa Rampage is this Saturday, December 12, and from the looks of the 300+ “Attending” RSVP’s on Facebook, it’s going to be a jolly good time.

Hundreds of Santas barhopping and spreading Christmas cheer – er, “jeer” – downtown is one of our favorite sights to behold each year. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun, but there are a few rules. Like… Don’t show up without a Santa suit. Don’t make children cry. Pay for your beer. Don’t get arrested. Etc. It’s simple!

Santas will begin rampaging on Saturday at 6pm in East Nashville at 3 Crow Bar, then move to Beer Sellar at 8pm for the traditional downtown loop. Read all the rules & RSVP here, then suit up for Saturday.

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