Bright & Early: Cuddly As A Cactus Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It’s the holiday season and the sound of Christmas music fills the air downtown thanks to those giant speaker-boxes on every street corner. The extra dose of holiday flavor makes just about everyone a little more cheerful–everyone, that is, except for the state workers in the Rachel Jackson Building on Sixth and Church. The workers have evidently complained about the speaker outside their offices so many times, claiming that the music prevents them from using their conference room, that the volume was lowered and lowered and finally turned off altogether. Public Works even tried just turning it on between 7-9pm when people likely wouldn’t be in the office to hear it, but they kept on complaining. We’re not sure what these folks have against a little Bing Crosby around the holidays, but we feel as though someone should cheer them up. Maybe they knocked down our Christmas tree?

Photo by Justyn with a Y!.

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