Happy Hour: Yes, We’re Still Giggling About The Tree


  • We asked our Twitter friends for some artistic renderings of the Great Christmas Tree Incident of ’09 and they delivered. The above piece was submitted by Twitterers @the_beer_snob and @tndotcom, and you can see a few of our other favorites by @missbethd, @thomasruns, @justwinston, @tarajackson and @freakyweasel. Keep ’em coming!
  • The Christmas tree wasn’t the only casualty in the wind storm this morning: It also broke TPAC. [Twitter]
  • Project Homeless Connect got underway today with hundreds of volunteers setting up shop at the Municipal Auditorium to meet the needs of Nashville’s homeless by giving everything from help with the job search to dental cleanings. [WSMV]
  • The Blue Cross Blue Shield data breach in Chattanooga seems to be much less worse than was originally reported. Though 57 hard drives were stolen from the office, the number of customers affected is said to be “far less than two million.” Vague! [WSMV]
  • From now on, if an underage kid is caught putting nasty graffiti all over someone else’s property in the Republic of Franklin, their parents will be the ones who get the fines and community service. What better way to rebel, right? [WSMV]

Illustration by @tndotcom.