Bright & Early: The Little Tree That Couldn’t Edition


Good morning, Nashville. As we were nonchalantly scrolling through Twitter feed this morning, we stumbled across a report that the Tennessee Christmas tree had taken a small tumble in the wind. Actually, it took a big tumble and appears to be broken. Oh no! Sure, it was a tad bit lopsided and maybe lacked a little in the branch department, but no Christmas tree deserves to go out like this. We haven’t heard anything about plans to salvage or replace it, but unless Governor Phil plans to tape it back together or something, we’re not getting our hopes up. We’ll miss you, little Christmas tree!

UPDATE [9:42 AM]: The Christmas tree has been carted away in a dump truck, so it looks like it’s gone for good.

UPDATE [10:17 AM]: The story is up over at the Tennessean and state officials are reportedly hunting around for a replacement.

Photo by amberadams.